Architectural fantasies | Vanity | Object design

Handcrafted in Bulgaria

ash wood and brass | w 24 x d 24 x h 34cm. A limited edition of 8 pieces + 2 A.P


Architectural fantasies is a series of crafted sculptural vases exploring the spatial awareness of positive and negative space. 

“Vanity” is the first vase from the project. A contrasting structure of solids and voids, an optical illusion that makes you lose sense of what stands further. In plan the wood and the mirrored brass surface form two identical squares that overlap and shape an in-between space for a flower to grow. 

A mirrored surface that reflects the object itself, not the viewer. A beautiful wild flower that is looking only at itself. Aren’t we all?

Craftsmanship that underlines the material palette-robust ash wood, typical for my country of origin, Bulgaria, and solid brass. The wood surface has been sandblasted to make the natural structure and pattern of the wood stand out and its natural structure-felt at touch. The Brass has been polished in two different ways-one to create mirror and other to create matte surface. One material with two faces. An object that provokes reflection and an emotional response.