Urban Geometries | letterpress

London, UK



This project is about discovery-walks around the city, about looking at doors, windows, facades as geometric compositions. It is about finding beauty in all the regular places. Inspiration is about staying curious and aware of the small details in our surroundings. And streets and city facades offer unlimited threats.


The shapes found from these observations were gathered and translated into a geometric compositions and patterns. The graphics were used to create a Letter- press base for hot-foil printing. It it as much about the process, as it is about the finished product.


Every poster is hand-printed on high-quality heavyweight 350gsm G.F.Smith Colorplan Paper in three different colours-Dark Grey, Claret and Imperial Blue. Every paper color is matched with a different foiling-Dark Grey goes with Copper, Claret with Gold and Imperial Blue with Silver.

The beauty of the hot-foil printing is that the foil on the image slightly changes its colour and shadings as the light changes or if looked from a different angle.