The Fitting Room Project | Set design for luxury retail | Stockholm, Sweden



On the borderline between objects and space

Sculptural landscapes of consumerism

What is the new luxury and what is the value in the things that we consume? In a world oversaturated by products can we instead consumer an experience, “pur- chase” an emotion, stimulate the senses? Can ownership transform into some- thing intangible? Can a space within a shopping context transform us?

I have chosen to transform the landscapes of consumerism into a sculptural land- scape where the borderlines between objects and spaces disappears. Focused on the Fitting room as a subject, I have created a variation of monochromatic and monomaterialic spaces that emphasize on materiality and texture. A human-scaled sculptures that can be entered and experiences as fitting rooms within the context of shopping.

My design process resulted in creating a prototype of a fitting room, filled with helium and air, floating in space, lightweight, silver, reflective. A structure that explores the relationship between surface and volume. A distorted mirror that reflects colour, light, people. An object as a space as an experience. s, a fitting room that triggers the senses and “sells” emotions.