Sideboard in Wood | furniture design

Competition project | Milan (IT)


My goal was to design a contemporary side-board with a clean and minimalistic look. The concept was inspired by architecture façades. I was fascinated in how I could bring in the beauty of an exterior wall cladding into a piece of furniture and how the same element can be applied in a different scale and context. I have treated the sideboards’ exterior face as a building façade to transfer a 3 dimensional geometric pattern into a decorative element. The pattern adds a sense of depth and character, while still maintaining a minimalistic outlook. The vertical lines and the depth of the volumes interacts with light and shadows and creates an optical play when looked from different angles. 

The side-board is designed to be made entirely out of wood, with the possibilities to have variations in colours of the decorative element. The design also comes in 3 variations for the interior shelving.