Negozio Olivetti | Showroom Olivetti | Carlo Scarpa

Venice, Piazza San Marco



In 1908 Camillo Olivetti founded the first Italian typewriter factory. The development of the company through the years has always been characterized not only by a strong dedication to innovative technology but also by product quality, art, design, attention to the detail.

The company’s identity is reflected also in the design of its representative showrooms in New York, Paris, Buenos Aires and Venice.
The showroom in Venice, Piazza San Marco was commissioned to the italian architect Carlo Scarpa in 1950s.It’s design turned it into an iconic building. Scarpa designed an open space of 2 floors, connected to each other with a marble staircase. The stairs slabs are floating in the space providing a sense of transparency.

The architect works with light-both natural and artificial. The ground floor is glazed and completely open to the street while on the second floor Scarpa adds additional windows with wooded grills to control the amount of light entering the showroom.
The architects’s approach and style turns every detail in the showroom to a piece of art.