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A Space Within a Space

The main goal of my concept was to create a simple, yet elegant architectural structure.
I was looking for shapes, structures and materials that would act as a delicate, almost invisible intervention. The structure had to respect the character of the exhibition space, create an interesting route that the visitors would follow and serve as a living space around the furniture objects. The living space had to be designed to translate the feeling of cosiness and home into a strong visual concept, but still-let the main focus remain on the furniture.

Both proposals are focused around the same layout and the idea of creating a space within a space, of creating ephemeral architectural structures and a space that feels like a home. The proposed ideas allow freedom in interpretation as both fabrics or brass elements could be rearranged infinitely. The choice of materials and colour palettes looks for simplicity and a connection with the materials that Molteni&C uses already in their range of products.

The concept has an almost sculptural expression and a minimalistic approach to structure and space.