Kinetic Machine | "Come si muovono le nuvole?" | "How do the clouds move?"

Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, Switzerland | Atelier Blumer |



The topic of our first year in Mendrisio was "il Volo"-"the Flight".

We started by analysing clouds-typology, character, movement. We transfered our work into drawings and sketches, trying to give someting that ephemeral as a cloud a geometric shape and an architectural understanding.

The task was to design and build a kinetic machine that would represent the movement of a cloud. I decided to focus on one main characteristic that fascinates me about clouds-the lights and shadows created within, ever-changing with the clouds’ movement.

The kinetic machine I designed and built is composed of 52 wooden beams: 28 still and 24 in moderate movement. The moving beams create a projection of a shadow and represents the entry of light in the different layers of the cloud.

The movement of the kinetic machine is generated by 8 “camme”-disk-shaped elements generally used in the mechanical watches mechanism.