Inside-Out | lighting design | competition project

London (UK)



Inside-Out is an indoor light object. The shape was inspired by the contrasts between solids and voids within a simple geometric volume. It is divided by three dimensional layers and as each layer goes further it creates a shadow effect on the previous one. The light is diffused and develops as a gradient-stronger in the middle and almost disappearing around the edges. If looked from a specific angle, there could be an optical illusion within the shape as the void appears as a solid and the solid as a void. The colour choice focuses on rather dark dramatic shades that while illuminated will change their colour and become brighter.

The concept leaves certain freedom to the choice of the materials-it could be made out of aluminium, marble or plastic, preferably with a matte finish of the surface.

*variations of use: on walls, ceilings, as well as a floor or a desk lamp.