Sensory installation | Spatial design | Venice, Italy 




design proposal for Fondaco dei Tedeschi during my trial at Fabrica di Benetton, Treviso 

Colours Of Venice

The brief for this project was to design an installation for the Fondaco dei Tedeschi building in Venice. The project had to represent the spirit and atmosphere of Venice.

I decided to represent Venice through colours. Colours of Venice. I was fascinated by the colour palette of the island and how it changes through the day-connected to daylight. Another important element that I wanted to include was the fog, the gentle haze that gives the island a magical and enchanting feel.

At the same time I wanted to create something that will respect the context of the project. Fondaco dei Tedeschi went through a recent renovation (done by OMA), and one of the things that made an impression on me in their project was that they respected the original layout and the historical character of the building. I wanted to treat the building with the same respect and therefor avoid any hardcore interventions. I wanted to work with visible objects, other then with tangible. I wanted to work with light and space.

My idea was to blend in the boundaries between exterior and interior. To bring the same spirit of the narrow streets in Venice (a.k.a “Calle”) to the interior of Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

For my installation I chose the circulation paths in the building and tried to create an experience within them. My goal was to transform the circulation area into a space for reflection and peace-having in mind that the building is rather busy and there is a lot of hustle and bustle around it.

This idea to experience Venice and get a sense of belonging and of the spirit of the place by walking up the stair of Fondaco dei Tedeschi became possible by working with coloured mist programmed to change its colour gradient and intensity through the day.