Dossoforito x Fabrica | workshop project during my trial period at Fabrica

Fabrica di Benetton Research Center | Treviso, Italy | May 2017

group project participants: Dessislava Madanska; Chan Wai Hon (Graphic Designer-Fabrica); Matteo Bellomo (Photographer-Fabrica); Akanksha Krishnani (Music department-Fabrica)

Our project was inspired by a green spot in the garden of Fabrica that seemed a bit wild and overlooked. We liked the natural way the trees were growing and the “hidden” garden their branches created. Our concept was inspired by the location itself-we realized that most Fabricanti haven’t even noticed this little forest. We thought about how to make the space more visible and invite the people come by. Our first idea was to use a visual language with colour strings that would connect different spots in and around Fabrica to the little “forest”. One of the suggestions
was that by pulling these strings a sound could be created to trigger curiosity and direct you towards the woods.

In order to grow well plants need three main things-Sun, Water and Love. It is proven that communicating with your plants can help them grow and develop better.

In terms of communication with the plants, we noted some ideas such as “An Interview with a Tree”, “A picnic with a Tree” or a even a “Tea Ceremony” as a way to share these human activities with a plant other than with a person.

Our thoughts went to sketches- first of a table element that would connect to the structure of the tree and have simple musical instruments installed, to a cloth composed of different materials that would react to touch and create sound. We explored a group of simple music instruments such as a gong, kalimba and tamborine.

Then we decided to build our own music instruments. 

Our tools were simple-wind and water. Our materials-light, colourful, reflective. Our language-music. 

The first object that we designed uses the movement of the wind and the movement of the branches of the trees to create light peaceful sounds while seeking for balance. 

The second object uses the sounds of rain water drops to create sound and also-the human gesture of watering plants. A music “cascade” with an almost sculptural character. Bold geometric shapes that form a whole.The material palette choice was focused on creating sounds -therefor the metal was our main material.

We also used found objects to complete our prototypes.