7 Ingredients of Love-Posters

7 Ingredients of Love-Posters

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Seven Ingredients of Love/poster series

acceptance | surrender | understanding | openness | trust | hope | touch

What is the purpose of this project?

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness in human relationships by using the means of Graphic design. I do believe that it is the little things that make a big difference and being able to communicate our feelings better can have a huge impact on the quality of our lives and on the ones that we love. Seven Ingredients of Love is a limited edition of graphic posters each featuring one word/ingredient. The ingredients choice is based on both my personal interest in psychology as well as on sharing and conversations with others.

I have tried to create a simple dictionary of love that I hope will be of a help of everyone struggling to improve their relationshios. As with all my previous projects, this one has the same simple goal-to make people feel better. To do so I am using my own superpower-design.

Each poster features a clear and minimalistic graphic design, a single colour block and a geometric symbol to be associated with the word-ingredient. The colours palette is pastel and calm.

What do you get?

An A3 poster of your choice printed on high-quality paper in a signed limited edition of 24. Each poster is printed in A3 format on a high-quality 160gsm matte paper in a limited edition of 24 and is signed by the designer. You could also get the entire series of all 7 posters for a promotional price.

*Posters come packed in hard envelopes and ship worldwide.

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