Architectural fantasies | sculptural vases | product design | material: resin

London, United Kingdom | status: concept phase


Architectural fantasies is a series of crafted sculptural vases exploring the spatial awareness of positive and negative space. This game of shapes tends to reveal also the material technique that has been used-as each shape resembles the mould used to shape the other. The material choice was based on the technical properties of the resin material to be shaped from liquid to solid, the variety of colour shades that the pigments could add and most importantly-the possibility to work with different opacity and transparency levels of the material. These qualities allow the final shapes to work not only as separate volumes, but also as one single shape-due to the different transparency levels that allow the shapes to be visible when placed one into another, almost as if floating in space.

In plan the outlines of Architectural fantasies remind of a Figure-ground diagram-a two dimensional map of an urban space that shows the relationship between built and unbuilt space widely used in urban design and planning.