The Words That We Need | edition 1 | Graphic Design |

Quotecards collection | Copenhagen (DK)


"The Words That We Need" is a Quote Cards collection featuring 20 different colour compositions, each coming with an unique quotation in Helvetica Neue. 

Sometimes words are not enough, but in other cases-they might be just what we need. The idea for this project was to bring you words that would make you think, calm or motivate you.

I was looking for a beautifully designed simple form, for colour compositions that work as a whole. The colour palette was inspired by the colorful building facades in Copenhagen-each card features 2 main colours and is followed by the next one in a colour composition-just as buildings attach to each other being beautifully random. As a result, I ended up with a pattern that could continue infinitely, as well as be arranged in multiple compositions.

*A set of 20 QuoteCards arriving in beautiful minimalistic packaging

Size standard A6 printed on high-quality 350gsm matte paper.

All printed and assembled in London. Designed to be rearranged in beautiful geometric patterns or signed and sent as a greeting card.